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I've also been occupying my time in organizing a team to participate in the Rails Girls Summer of Code . I just chanced upon this in my Twitter feed and thought I would check it out to see what the buzz is all about. As I was reading through it, my eyes grew the widest it has ever did. I knew I could totally do this, all I needed was a female pair, a coach to support us, and a mentor to guide us in the right direction of the project.

Looking for a pair wouldn't be too hard because there are so many enthusiastic women from Rails Girls who would immediately jump into an opportunity like that. The actual uphill task was convincing an individual/company to coach us for the entire duration of this program which is 3 months and dedicating a couple of hours a day to coach us. Students are paid a stipend of $1,500 by Rails Girls organization and coaches would be doing this pro bono.

I knew I couldn't just sit and wait for Rails Girls to find us a coach in our city and that would mean going the extra mile to hunt down people in the Rails community who would be kind enough to dedicate themselves for a good cause. After randomly tweeting people, we are finally in the midst of talking to someone who could potentially dedicate his time to coach us! The next step is to put in our application as a team and cross our fingers in hopes of being selected as a successful applicant for this program.

To give you an idea, I have embedded the Rails Girls video. Gosh, I hope we get it!

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